Lion is a Symbol of Lviv

Lion is a symbol of Lviv, so you can see Lion statues practically everywhere in the city. A picture of white&red lion I took in my travel to Lviv in 2011. This cute statue is located by the Wien Hotel and Wien restaurant (ourdoor patio):
Lion is the symbol of Lviv, West Ukraine
Photos of those two “big kitties” my husband and I took in our excursion to the Lviv Beer Museum:
Lion is the symbol of Lviv, Beer Museum

Lion the symbol of Lviv Brewery Museum
Two kissing lions (unusual statue!) are located by the Lviv City Hall (Rynok Square):
West Ukraine: The Lion is symbol of Lviv cityAnd many more lions are statues in the city. Here are videos from the Lions Parade in Lviv. This is an annual festival-parade and happens every year in September. So, here is parade-2009:
Now, a little bit of Lviv’s history. According to Wikipedia, city of Lviv was founded in 1256 by King Danylo Halytskyi and named after his son, Lev. Name Lev means Leo, Lion in Ukrainian translation. A coat of arms of Lviv has a lion image on it.