Lviv: The Vernisazh Souvenir Market

Vernisazh Souvenir Market Lviv Western UkraineThis is one of the biggest handcraft markets of the Western Ukraine, the Vernisazh Souvenir Market in Lviv city, located by the Lviv Opera House.
Actually, this is my favorite souvenir market in Western Ukraine and I got lots of great stuff over there: 90 percents of my wedding attire and 50 percents of my husband’s wedding outfit are from there!
In 2007 I bought my wedding Ukrainian embroidered shirt which is originally from Kitsman (Chernivtsi region). The shirt is totally handmade, no one machine stitch, I checked! My friend-ethnographer Mila Strotsen said that this shirt is more than 80 years old! Besides, it has special festive cut (yes, 80 years ago Ukrainian women had done their embroidered shirts in two cuts: casual and festive) and threads of embroidery did not lose their colors, even after almost century ago!
Except shirt, I got three more pieces for my wedding outfit at the same market: woven shirt and belt (modern made through) and beaded necklace sylyanka (Ukrainian costume is impossibly to imagine without a necklace!).
I wanted to get an old Ukrainian shirt for my husband as well, to match my outfit, and I did not find one. But I got a great embroidered hemp shirt for him, modern made, but in old West Ukrainian style, so I got my match, anyway! Also I bought for Ron (my husband’s name) a belt from the same textile and the same colors I got for me, but men’s one, which is a bit wider than mine.
Here you can see me and my husband at our wedding day: almost all our wedding outfits are from Vernisazh Souvenir Market in Lviv!
Ukrainian Wedding Bride Groom Embroidered Outfits
Next year, 2008, I brought to this market my best friend Olya. She was a bride-to-be and she was looking for her bridal attire as well. I introduced Olya to the same seller I bought my wedding shirt, so Olya got her gorgeous embroidered shirt from the Kitsman as well!
As part of my wedding gift to Olya, I bought her a beaded necklace with pink roses on it, which was matched to her shirt, embroidered by roses all over, take a look at Olya's wedding picture (she is with her husband Jim).
Wedding In Ukraine Bride Groom Embroidered Outfits

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