Wedding in Ternopil

Wedding in Ternopil city, Western Ukraine The Solovij Halychyny, vocal trio of the Ternopil Philarmonic Society, singing at the Olya and Lyubchyk's wedding

Traditional Wedding Bread on Ukrainian Wedding
The Starosta and Starostina brought a special sweet Ukrainian wedding bread (korovay) to the Olya and Lyubchyk’s wedding. The Starosta (man) and Statostina (woman) are very important people on the Ukrainian wedding. Actually, they are bosses of the wedding, in the accordance with Ukrainian wedding customs. Usually a parents of bride ask to be a Starosta and Starostina to a very close people to bride’s family (relatives or friend). In care of Olya her parents have chosen for Starosta and Starostina a family of Mykola and Halya Shot. They are good friends of the bride’s family for many years.
Wedding in Ternopil, West Ukraine
Wedding in Ternopil city, West Ukraine
September, 30, 2006. Wedding of Olya and Lyubchyk Sagal'. They got married in the Ternopil's Greek Catholic Church of Archangel Michael. Ukrainian custom says, who will step on the Wedding Ceremonial Towel first (bride or groom), will be a boss of family.