Amazing Ukrainian songs from the Lemky Land

Oh, look what I found on YouTube! A bunch of amazing Ukrainian songs from the Lemky Land, posted by Pivhucul! Young guy from Australia doing really good job for showing to the world a beautiful Ukrainian song, Ukrainian nature and old architecture.
OK, now a couple words about Lemky. The Lemky Land it is ethnic territory of Ukraine. After the Second World War this territory was devoted to the Poland. A people of the Lemky Land has been deported to the today’s Lviv and Ternopil states of Ukraine.
But a big Lemky’s communities still living in Poland in Slovakia now. They are keeping a culture and traditions of their ancestors (language, songs, dances etc). Every year in Poland Lemky’s community has a festival of the Lemky culture “Lemkivska Vatra” (“The Lemky Fire”). A similar festival now you can visit in Monastyryska (Ternopil state of Ukraine) as well. So, just click on these videos and enjoy a richness of Ukrainian singing and beauty of the Lemky Land!