Through Paris to Ukraine

Air France plane meal it is the best meal I ever tried in planes
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I used to fly to Ukraine by different airlines, but last winter, absolutely randomly, I have opened to myself an Air France. That’s it! After trying Air France, I don’t want to fly by other air companies anymore.
First of all, I have fallen in love with Air France plane meal. I do not think, a phrase “plane meal” is making a very positive associations in imagination of everyone who use to fly by airplanes. But, probably, it is because you didn’t fly by Air France yet :) After I tried their menu items, I changed my mind about “plane meal”. It was SO TASTY! It cannot to compare with plane meal of another airlines I used to fly.
Their Fromage Frais from Normandia was great with French bun! “In Air France plane I ate the best yogurt in my life!”, I told to my family and friends. Yes, I thought, it is yogurt. But I tried to find more about this product in Internet, and I have discovered for myself, it is not yogurt, it is such a fresh cheese, just of texture (and taste) like a yogurt. Anyway, it was delicious! Now I will try to find this Fromage Frais here, on my North American continent. Probably, in Deli Stores or European Markets.
Speaking about cheeses at all, I had different kinds of them in Air France plane menu. French dinner, and without cheese – can you imagine :) ? So, if you will fly Air France, you will have a cheese in your meal anyway.
Also I cannot to forget a carrot and cucumber salad with yogurt sauce and smoked salmon. I even “borrowed” this recipe to my home cooking. So simply to make! Just to cut raw carrot and cucumber by small cubes, to add some chopped green onion (parsley or dill), to add a plain yogurt and piece of smoked salmon on the top. I made this salad to dinner with my friends, they was impressed. “So good! Where is recipe from?”, they asked. “Air France plane meal”, I answered. “What?!!”.
And coffee, coffee in Air France! Exactly so strong like I love! Absolutely European taste. I don’t know why, but I don’t like a coffee in many North American cafes and restaurants. North American coffee is too weak for me.
Second of all, I had no difficulties with search of terminal and gate of my connection flight in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. I don’t like stopovers in airports at all, I always afraid to miss my next flight, especially in big airports with lots of terminals. So, I felt prepared well to Charles de Gaulle, I had printed a map of this airport and I studied the map in plane very carefully. But when I went through Charles de Gaulle Airport, I had understood, I don’t need the map knowledge. I saw timetables, signs and arrows everywhere, so it was too hard to miss my connection flight :)
What else I remember from my flights with Air France? Elegant French politeness of planes crew, and… oh women! You will understand me!.. and fact that I am flying through Paris! It doesn’t matter I saw the Paris just from airplane window. “I flew through Paris”. Now I can say this magic phrase to everybody. Sounds very romantic, isn’t :) ?
P.S. A picture of this post by Noodlepie, he is a journalist (like me). Probably, he was excited of Air France plane meal like me, too :)