Real Ukrainian Wedding

Wedding in Ternopil city (West Ukraine)
Mykhailo and Halyna's wedding reception

I have a big pleasure to introduce you two very nice people of Ternopil. They got married November 2007. So, Mykhailo Ratushnyak and Halyna Zhulkovska. Both of them are known politicians in Ternopil State. Actually, they met each other on the political-cultural event in October 2006. Mykhailo is 45 years old, before he met Halyna he was one of famous bachelors of Ternopil :), his beautiful wife Halyna is 23 years old.
They had a Real Ukrainian Wedding, with keeping all the customs and traditions. Almost all the guests were in traditional Ukrainian wear at their wedding (like at Ron's and my wedding :)).
Now, please take a look at some pictures of Halyna and Mykhailo's wedding, and you will have more imagination how is real Ukrainian wedding looks like. Also here you can see another couples from Ternopil city who got married in old Ukrainian style. Be exact, it is new wedding fashion in Ukraine, to get married in old style, in folk costumes, with traditional music band and in some old romantic place, like ancient castle or wooden church of 16-18 centuries.

Traditional Ukrainian Wedding

Mykhailo and Halyna's marriage ceremony at Church

Wedding in Western Ukraine

A ceremonial wedding towel

Ukrainian Bride and Bridesmaids

Happy bride with bridesmaids
Traditional Ukrainian wedding bread Korovaj

Traditional Ukrainian wedding bread Korovay