Time To Invest In Ukraine

Now is very good time to invest in Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries. It is an advice from Dr. Patrick Dixon. He is a famous business thinker and futurist, author of 12 books and he has been ranked as one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive today.
Dr. Dixon traveled to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and he saw lots of great opportunities to invest money in economies of these countries, especially outside of big cities, in small regions with undeveloped industry and very little manufacturing.
Here is a some videos of Patrick Dixon, where he is telling more about booming of economy in post-Soviet countries.

I want to say, Dr. Dixon is absolutely right. You can see his predictions about good perspectives of investment in Ukraine even on example of one small region of Ukraine, Ternopil region. This region is far from Kiev (capital of Ukraine), it is mostly agricultural region, without big heavy industry, and now I will show you a dynamics of attracting of foreign investments in the region during 2001-2008. So, in accordance with information of Investment Profile of Ternopil Region, January, 1, 2001 Ternopil region had a 21,28 millions US dollars of foreign investments, January, 1, 2002 there were already 23,03 millions US dollars, January, 1, 2003 there were 26,9 millions USD, January, 1, 2004 - 28,68 millions USD, January, 1, 2005 - 37,2 millions USD, January, 1, 2006 - 39,1 millions USD, and finally January, 1, 2008 there was 51 million US dollars of foreign investments in economy of Ternopil region!
In general, in 2007 Ternopil region had investors from 32 countries of the world. The biggest investors of the region are Estonia (16,7 % of total volume of investments), Czech Republic (14,5%), Poland (13,4%), Germany (11,9%) and Australia (8,8%) as well.
The most attractive kind of economic activity in international investing cooperation in 2007 it was food industry and processing of agricultural products (57,5 % of total volume of investments), ZIK has informed.
Also in 2007 in Ternopil region it was a big increase of investments in agriculture, transport, real estate and manufacturing of wooden goods as well. Speaking about real estate, take a look at the new buildings in Ternopil (pictures below). Here is more about real estate and new condominiums in Ternopil.
Time to invest in Ukraine
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