Beatlesmania In Ukraine

June 14, 2008 Ukrainian fans of “The Beatles” having a grandiose event! A live legend of “The Beatles” Sir Paul McCartney will give a free concert on the Independence Square (Maidan) in Kyiv, a capital of Ukraine. Paul McCartney was invited to Ukraine by Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk and his Victor Pinchuk Foundation. More than 200,000 spectators are going to see a performance of Paul McCartney on the Independent Square Stage, and millions people of 5 largest Ukrainian cities (Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Lviv) will have a possibility to watch a live translation of Paul McCartney’s concert on the big screens of main squares of the cities.
Especially excited fans of “The Beatles” from West Ukrainian city of Lviv. Lviv’s fan club of “The Beatles” embroidered a traditional Ukrainian shirt for the Paul McCartney. Members of fan’s club will give this shirt to the Sir McCartney as Ukrainian gift.
Lviv is very special city toward “The Beatles”, because it is only Ukrainian city, which has a John Lennon Street! Besides, Lviv’s fans of “The Beatles” have found a village of Beatlya in Carpathian area of Lviv region!
Frankly speaking, this village had nothing in common with “The Beatles”, except a name and very musical people. But since members of Lviv’s fan club of “The Beatles” came to the Beatlya a lot of things in life of this small Ukrainian village going to be change.
A little bit of history. The Beatlya was founded in 1530. There are two versions why this village named Beatlya. It could be from words “barrel” or “bottle”, local people explaining. Anyway, the Beatlya has only folk band in Ukraine, who dancing on the barrel!
The folk band of Beatlya village is very popular in Ukrainian folk music space. The Beatlya’s folk group is playing traditional Ukrainian mountains music of Carpathians, using violin, tsymbaly, drymba and trembita. July 2007 the band had a great performance at “Land Of Dream”, a most prestige Ukrainian folk festival.
Now the Beatlya's folk band will sing "The Beatles"! A big Ukrainian fan of “The Beatles” I’lko Lemko has written a Ukrainian text of “Mull of Kintyre", a Paul McCartney song. The Beatlya’s folk group is learning this song and going to sing it a week before the McCartney performance, at ceremony of presentation of Ukrainian museum of “Beatlesmania” in Kyiv.
Actually, it seems to be a first song of “The Beatles” with Ukrainian words. I have found a performing of “The Beatles” song on tsymbaly before. It was “The Reva” band from Czech Republic. I was very impressed because I have never heard such unusual combination, “The Beatles” music and tsymbaly. “The Reva” made two songs of “The Beatles” in folk style, “Yesterday” and “All My Loving”. But they are singing in English.The folk band of the Beatlya village is going to sing “The Beatles” in Ukrainian. It really supposes to be something! I hope, a Lviv fan club will present to Sir McCartney a tape of Ukrainian performing of “Mull of Kintyre" too :)
John Lennon Street In Lviv City (Western Ukraine)
John Lennon Street in Lviv city (Western Ukraine)

Folk Group of Beatlya village (West Ukraine)

Folk Group of Beatlya village (Western Ukraine)

Reva plays the Beatles Music

"The Reva" playing music of "The Beatles" in Czech folk style