Mother’s Day in Ukraine

Ukraine: Happy Mother's Day!

Street portrait of young moms in Ternopil city (western Ukraine)
Photo by: john.allwood

Now Ukraine is celebrating a Mother’s Day like entire world do (every second Sunday of May). The Mother’s Day is a state holiday for Ukrainians since 1999.
This holiday not such a popular in Ukraine yet, like International Woman Day (March, 8), but it becomes more and more known with every year. Actually, if you would forget about Mother’s Day, a lot of sales and special trade campaigns would remind you :) A month or couple months before the any holiday a stores, supermarkets, street advertising, TV, radio, Internet call you to buy a gifts, flowers, postcards etc. I saw interesting poll on Yahoo “What’s the best Mother’s Day gift?” You have to choose one of three variants of answers, a) “A fresh bouquet of flowers”, b) “Diamonds are a mom's best friend” c) “A rest-and-relaxation day”. If I would be an author of this poll, I would add a fourth variant of answer, “A happiness and health of children”. Yes, it is a big pleasure for our moms to get gifts for their holiday. For sure, the diamonds are great presents, anyway, the flowers and candies too. But I think, the best gift for any mother is when she knows that her children are happy, healthy and not hungry.

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