Ukrainian And Mexican Beaded Blouses: What A Similar Art!

Ukrainian Beaded Blouse
Ukrainian beaded blouse

Mexican Beaded Blouse

Mexican beaded blouse

I have found already a similarity in Ukrainian and Native American beaded jewelry, now I have discovered for myself a beaded Ukrainian and Mexican blouses. Both of countries have rich traditions in beading of clothes. I knew before about big popularity of beaded women's blouses in Western Ukraine, especially in Chernivtsi region (ethnographically this is the Bukovyna area). Now beaded embroidery is popular in Ukraine everywhere. For example, a picture of this Ukrainian beaded blouse taken by my friend Mykhailo Masliy at Sorochyntsi Yarmarok (Sorochyntsi Market) in Poltava city, Eastern Ukraine. (Girl on the picture is Mykhailo's daughter Oksana).
A picture of gorgeous Mexican beaded blouse from San Pablito (Puebla) taken by Teacapan. She is doing a great job in researching of Mexican history and culture.