Unique Museum Of Musical Instruments And Hutsuls Lifestyle In Verkhovyna (Carpathian Mountains)

Museum Violins
Museum Wall
"Two hours in this museum is worth our whole trip to Carpathian Mountains”, my husband said after our visiting of museum of musical instrument and hutsuls lifestyle. The museum is located in Verkhovyna town (Ivano-Frankivsk region, western Ukraine).This is a private museum, a property of the musician-virtuoso Roman Kumlyk. Born in 1948, Roman Kumlyk started a musical career in his 11 years old. Now Roman is playing 18 musical instruments, he is a leader of the Cheremosh folk band from Verkhovyna. The band was touring a lot in Ukraine and Poland.
Eastern Folk portal is describing Roman Kumlyk as a brilliant instrumentalist… Roman Kumlyk has cooperated with the Folk Culture Radio Centre of the Polish Radio, the Centre for Theatre Practices "Gardzienice" in Poland, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2005 Cheremosh, together with the Polish folk music group Orkiestra Sw. Mikolaja, prepared a program "Hutsul Music" based on traditional music of the Hutsul region.
So, we spent two hours in this unique museum of musical instruments and hutsuls lifestyle, and we were ready to spend another two or more hours but Roman had a busy schedule that day. The musician made an amazing performance for us, he played on many instruments, he sung kolomyykas (traditional songs from the Carpathian Mountains), he showed a Hutsul’s clothes, household goods and he told us about history, customs, traditions and lifestyle of hutsuls as well. Interior of the Roman’s museum made in typical hutsul’s wooden style. Kumlyk was collecting all the artifacts for his museum during 30 years and just in 2003 the musician has opened the museum for visitors. The most special stuff in the museum, for my husband and my opinion, it is a collection of the musical instruments of Carpathians. Firstly, because it is a big collection, we did not see such a big collection of musical instruments in a regular museums, secondly, if in the regular museum you cannot touch or play an instrument, in Roman’s museum everything is “alive”, because Kumlyk is playing music for people, he is singing, joking, telling a stories, so you are feeling yourself more close to the real life of hutsuls, you are enjoying their incredible energetic mountain music, you are really FEELING this spirit of Ukrainian Carpathians.
There are some videos we took in this hospitable house-museum. Roman Kumlyk is playing violin, koza (Ukrainian bagpipe), tsymbaly (dulcimer), sopilka and dvodentsivka (Ukrainian flute-like musical instruments).


Zozulka (okaryna)

Tsymbaly (dulcimer)



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