The Biggest Dumpling Ever: Ukrainian Pyrig

The biggest dumpling ever
Canada is the country of the Ukrainian world’s largest roadside attractions. Which is not surprisingly. A lot of Canadians have a Ukrainian background, to be more accurate, a West Ukrainian background. The ancestors of the modern Canadian Ukrainians immigrated to Canada in last centuries mostly from the Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions of the Western Ukraine. So they brought the Ukrainian culture and traditions to the North American continent and they are keeping it through generations.
I told you already about my travel to the two world’s largest easter eggs, one in Vegreville (Canada), second one in Kolomyya (Ukraine). My next trip was to the biggest dumpling ever, the world’s biggest Ukrainian pyrig in Glendon (Alberta, Canada).
If somebody have no idea, maybe, what is it a pyrig (pyrogy), I want you to make sure, this is a really delicious Ukrainian dish, made from a simple dough (flour, egg, salt, water), stuffed with a mashed potatoes, cottage cheese (or mashed potatoes and cottage cheese together), fried cabbage, boiled buckwheat with a cottage cheese, cherries or strawberries (if you are making it for dessert). So, this is something like a dumpling, you know…
Ok, back to the world’s largest pyrig in Glendon. (Although Albertans calls this monument as Pyrogy, I am using a Pyrig, because in Ukrainian language pyrig it is a singular, pyrogy is plural, so if I see just one thing on the fork (take a look at the pictures), it is much comfortable to me to name it in singular. I want to explain you more. A proper word for pyrogy in Ukraine is a varenyky (in accordance with the Ukrainian dictionary). All the Eastern and Central Ukraine calls pyrogy as varenyky; pyrogy it is a West Ukrainian dialect, so the West of Ukraine calls it like Canadians do: pyrogy). So, the world’s biggest Pyrig in Glendon (together with a fork) is 7,6 meters high. Across the street from the monument you can visit a restaurant to try some pyrogy, but my husband and I were not very lucky that day visiting Glendon, because the restaurant was closed. It was the day right after the big Pyrogy Festival in Glendon (annual fest every long weekend in September) so I think the restaurant just took a day off, after the festivity. Well, not a problem. I can always make pyrogy at home. Of course, not that huge like this one :)

Huge Ukrainian Pyrig

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