How YouTube Made Popular a Folk Singer from a small West Ukrainian Town

January 18, 2008 somebody placed to YouTube a video of a funny singing of Petro Shchur the folk singer and musician from the village of Muzhyliv (the village is located in Ternopil region of the Western Ukraine). I am more than sure, the owner of this video did it just for joke and he did not expect such a big success of the video (Petro Shchur either). Grateful Internet and YouTube, unknown folk singer from the West Ukrainian village became an incredibly popular in Ukraine, especially among young generation. Since January 2008 till October 2008 the video of Petro Shchur got more than 74 600 views and plenty of comments. The comments are different, a positive and a negative, but people mostly love a village’s style of Petro’s singing and they are having a huge fun listening to him!
More than that, now Petro Shchur is very welcomed to perform on the big shows and concerts in Ukraine. For example, October 11-12, 2008 he performed on the Nivroku rock-festival in Ternopil, together with known Ukrainian bands. Petro had an unbelievable success on the festival; lots of his Internet-fans asked about his autograph, they wanted to touch to their idol, they yelled “Shchur! Shchur”, so musicians that performed after the Shchur, had a hard time to do their job.
Anyway, the festival is over, Petro got back to his village’s life, but his popularity is continuing to grow, even not depend from him (what a power of Internet!). By the way, Petro Shchur has neither cell phone nor a regular home phone. To invite him to performances, a producers of concerts and shows have to drive to his village personally.
Here is the video on YouTube that made popular a folk singer from the Western Ukraine