The Best Picture of Kremenets City I Have Ever Saw

Kremenets city, Western Ukraine This picture of the Kremenets city by American-Ukrainian photographer Tania D’Avignon is my favorite, among all the photos of Kremenets I have in my collection. I don’t know why I love this picture the most. It has a special spirit in, I think. It is actually does not looks like a photo; it is looks more as an artist's painting. I enjoy this Kremenets picture by Tania D’Avignon very much.
Well, a few words about Kremenets. It is a small picturesque city on the north of Ternopil region (Western Ukraine). It is an ethnographical Volyn territory. The city has a very rich history and some nice places to see. The most famous one is ruins of a castle of 12 century (known as Bona's castle). Tania’s picture was made from the Bona’s; this is a downtown's view.
I am very privileged to know Tania D’Avignon personally; I even own a couple Tanya’s pictures of myself. Tania is a wonderful woman with a very bright personality. She has a big experience of travel photography. Tania has been to Africa, Mongolia, and China and of course to the Western and Eastern Europe. Tania D'Avignon (or Mychajlyshyn-D’Avignon) is originally from USA and she is of Ukrainian background (her ancestors are from the Western Ukraine).
Tania worked for Allyn and Bacon Publishers, Harvard Chair of Ukrainian Studies, National Geographic Magazine, Time-Life Publishers and International Institute of Boston. In 1998 Tania’s book Simply Ukraine appeared in print. Simply UkraineSimply Ukraine it is a great book, with lots of breathtaking photos from Tania’s travels in Ukraine.