Burdon Folk Band From Ukraine: Old Tunes, Modern Drive

Burdon folk band from Ukraine I would like to introduce you one of my favorite Ukrainian folk bands. This is the Burdon from Lviv city (Western Ukraine). I love them for their wild Carpathian spirit; I love them, because they sound very modern, playing old tunes and using acoustic musical instruments only. Yes, no electro guitars, no synthesizers etc. But what a drive, huh?! (Click on the videos below).
I don’t know what a secret of such a strong energy of their music. Maybe it is because of young age of Burdon’s musicians, plus a big talent and big desire to show to people that folk music it is not boring as most of us use to think. No, when Burdon is playing, it is not boring at all to anybody, doesn’t matter what age (or nationality) of their audience. I had a happy occasion to be at their performance, so I saw is by myself. When Burdon is playing, children are dancing, seniors are dancing and middle age is dancing.
Well, a little bit more about the band. They are formed in 2002 in Lviv. Except traditional violin, fiddle, drums, double bass, Burdon plays a variety of acoustic music instruments from all the Europe, such as viori cu goarna, hurdy-gurdy, didgeridoo, bouzouki etc. The band performs a Ukrainian folk music, mostly a mountain music (Carpathian folk), but they also plays some Romanian, Moldovian and Hungarian songs. Romania, Moldova and Hungary are country-neighbors of Ukraine, they are bordering with Western Ukraine and West Ukrainian folk music is full of influences of those countries.
So, if you are going to visit Ukraine and you would like to go to the Burdon’s concert, you better check their schedule first. I hope you will be lucky enough to catch them in Ukraine, because Burdon is touring a lot (they have been already to Poland, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Canada and Belarus).

Burdon folk band from the Lviv city (Western Ukraine) at Sheshory at Podillia the International Ethnic Music and Landart Festival (July 2008, town of Vorobiivka, Vinnytsya region, Ukraine)

Burdon folk band is performing a Ternopil Waltz at Sheshory at Podillia Festival (July 2008, town of Vorobiivka, Vinnytsya region, Ukraine)

Mountain music from Ukraine: Kolomyyka by Burdon folk band (October 2008, Lviv's Beer Festival, western Ukraine)