Sunflower: One of The Most Popular Ukrainian Floral Symbols

Sunflowers of Ukraine

Yes, it really is. Sunflower is very popular in Ukraine, almost as a guelder rose (highbush cranberry) which is one of the main symbols of Ukraine and lots of Ukrainian folk songs are mention a this beautiful plant (guelder rose). I personally know more than 100 Ukrainian folk songs, but no one of them mention a sunflower though. But if you would take a look at some old paintings of Ukrainian villages, you would see a sunflower growing by the every house. Now, if you are visiting Ukrainian countryside in summer, you can see huge sunflower’s plants everywhere, what is not surprisingly, because sunflower oil is number one oil in Ukraine.
Known American-Ukrainian photographer Tanya D’Avignon took this picture of a sunflowers field in her staying in Ukraine (photo above).
Two pictures below belong to our family. First one, with honey-bee, was taken by my husband Ron in our travel to Ukraine last summer. At the second one you can see Ron and I at our honeymoon :) We are in sunflowers, but on American continent :) where sunflower originally from. This sun-like plant was brought to Europe in 1619 and then it became so popular, especially in Ukraine. In our days, “Sunflower” is a name of a magazine for kids in Ukraine. In 20 century, a golden time for Ukrainian football (soccer), “Sunflower” was a nickname of Valeri Lobanovsky the famous coach of Ukrainian football team.

Sunflower and honeybee, Ukraine
Ukrainian-Canadian honeymooners in sunflowers