Actress And TV Star Ruslana Pysanka Is An Ideal Of Beauty For Ukrainian Men

In modern Ukraine a word Pysanka associates not only with an Easter Egg, but with one of Ukrainian beauties Ruslana Pysanka. She is an actress and TV star. Ruslana Pysanka became an incredible popular in Ukraine after she appeared on Inter (Ukrainian TV Channel) with a weather forecast. Ukrainian men were watching her weather forecasts like women are watching soap operas: with a big passion. Now Ruslana Pysanka has another projects on TV, lots of roles in cinema and theatre, but male population of Ukraine still remember Ruslana as the Weathergirl, whose bust is covering a half of Europe, like Ukrainian media joked.
There are many world-known and beautiful Ukrainian women, but men of Ukraine (especially men of the middle age) made their choice: Ruslana Pysanka is their ideal of woman’s beauty. I always thought about phenomenon of Ruslana’s success in Ukrainian men. First of all, she got a gorgeous bust! Is not it driving men’s attention to the most of women? Especially when a woman is radiant and energetic like Ruslana.
Second of all, in men’s eyes every particular woman has two choices: he does imagine she can be his wife or he does not. When regular Ukrainian man looks at Ruslana Pysanka, he does imagine she can be his wife! She reminds him not a spoilt and whimsical model, but a simple girl, a farm girl, a hard worker, who is able to do lots of physical work, especially in small town or village. Hottie and hard worker in one person: it is a dream-wife for Ukrainian man! Seems to me, it is an answer for question why Ruslana Pysanka is so popular in Ukraine.
Ruslana Pysanka Actress TV Star Ukraine Popular Ukrainian Actress and TV Star Ruslana Pysanka

Ruslana Pysanka Ukraine Ruslana Pysanka and Ukrainian men-celebrities

Ruslana Pysanka at rehearsal of Ukrainian version of TV-show “Dances With The Stars”

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