Friends Of Ukrainian Pysanka (Easter Egg) From All Over The World

Ukrainian Easter Eggs PysankyThere are Ukrainian Easter Eggs or Pysanky made by father of George Sawyn  from Chicago, USA. Pysanky it is Ukrainian word, created from a verb pysaty (“to write”). Yes, these Pysanky looks like painted, but actually they are written with beeswax. Decorating Ukrainian Pysanky is require at least a basic knowledge of the symbolism of Ukrainian Easter Eggs, but many modern artists use their creativity for making a very special pattern or whole pictures on the eggs. For example, Becky from Bethlehem, USA started making Ukrainian Easter Eggs in age 13. She knows all the symbols and patterns, but she creates her own amazing pictures on an eggs. Like this cute cat-angel
Cat Angel Easter EggWithout any doubts, Ukrainian Pysanka (plural Pysanky) is absolutely unique, but it has lots of friends all over the world. I mean, creative people decorate an Easter Eggs in different styles and in different techniques, like knitting, beading, crochet and embroidery as well. So, take a look at these wonderful Easter Eggs from all over the world and enjoy!
Knitted Easter Eggs
Knitted Easter Eggs made by Julie Williams from United Kingdom

Crochet Easter Eggs
Crocheted Easter Eggs made by Lallee from Florida, USA

Beaded Easter Eggs Mexico
Beaded Easter Eggs made by Huichol artists of Mexico

Cross Stitch Easter Egg
Cross Stitched Easter Egg from North America

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