The Italian Yard In Lviv

Italian Yard, Lviv city, Ukraine

Cozy Italian Yard, Lviv City, Ukraine

Cozy Outdoor Cafe in Italian Yard, Lviv, Western Ukraine

Cozy Outdoor Cafe in Italian Yard, Lviv, Ukraine
Welcome to the Italian Yard in Lviv, only Italian Yard in Ukraine! It was built in 16 century in style of Italian palazzo; design by Peter and Paul the Italian architects. This is so great place to relax, especially in spring-summer-autumn season. You can enjoy a special spirit of the Yard, created by Italian architecture and art atmosphere around. There are always an art exhibitions or even performances of the local theatres. You can also get a drink and snack in Italian Yard’s cafe; so many artists, actors, singers and composers of Lviv meet here. Indeed, it is place to get some inspiration! Also lots of couples are coming to the Italian Yard to have some romantic conversations just like my husband and I did :)
Dating The Italian Yard Lviv West UkraineWe found each other online and city of Lviv it was a place where we met in real for the first time, therefore everything in Lviv is so special for us. Picture of us in Italian Yard is from 2006 and picture of panorama of the Yard taken in 2008, so we can see, they did some restoration and place looks even nicer now.
Well, if you would like to visit the Italian Yard too, here is location: Rynok Square, 6 (by the Lviv Historical Museum); opening hours 10 a.m. – 21 p.m.