Ukrainian And Mexican Beaded Easter Eggs

I wrote already about similarity between Ukrainian and Native American beadwork in jewelry and clothes, now it is time to tell you about an Easter Eggs.
There are beaded eggs from the Mexican Market in San Antonio
Beaded Easter Eggs Mexican They are so colorful, like all the Mexican art. I love it! But before I discovered for myself a Mexican beaded eggs, I saw an Easter Eggs beadwork in Western Ukraine many times. I even got two beaded Ukrainian Easter Eggs made by Natalia Martiuk the artist from Ternopil (city of the Western Ukraine). Here they are
Beaded Easter Eggs UkrainianAs you can see, Ukrainian beaded eggs were made in different technique than Mexican ones. Ukrainian artist usually making special webs from beads and putting them onto the eggs shells or onto the eggs shaped pieces of wood. Natalia Martiuk need about a day to decorate one egg, she said. I don’t know how many days the Mexican artist is spending for beading one egg, but it is looks like much more than Ukrainian one, because each seed bead of the Mexican eggs is glued to the shells with a wax. It is really very delicate work.
Speaking about the beading of Ukrainian Easter Eggs, it is completely new art for Ukrainians, which brought all over the world their ancient traditions of painting of Easter Eggs. I think, many even non-Ukrainian people in USA and Canada know a word Pysanky (Easter Eggs in Ukrainian). So beading is quite a modern style in decorating of Ukrainian Easter Eggs.
I did not find much info about Mexican tradition of beading eggs, but knowing how old and rich Mexican art of beading at all, how gorgeous pieces from beads made by Huichol artists, I can just guess that Mexicans started to bead an eggs much more earlier than Ukrainians.
Anyway, both Ukrainian and Mexican beaded Easter Eggs look amazing!
Happy Easter everybody!

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