Barbie Doll in Ukrainian Outfit

Creators of the world’s famous Barbie Doll have made Barbie World Series where Barbie is represented in traditional costumes of many nations. So now little girls all over the world can play with their favorite Barbie in Irish, Scottish, French, German, Swiss, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Moroccan, Incas, Brazilian, Native American and Arctic outfits. Slavic group is represented quite purely, just with Russian and Polish Barbie Dolls, but no Ukrainian one. Well, if world’s famous fashion designers can create whole collections in Ukrainian style, why nobody can make a Ukrainian costume for Barbie? The more so, Ukrainian national outfit looks gorgeous! Besides, each ethnic area of Ukraine has own traditions in clothing, some of those outfits are very different from each other, so, I think, they are rich material for creation even Barbie of Ukrainian Series.
Anyway. While people like I just thinking “why not to create?” some Ukrainian artists already do it! These artists just simply buy Barbie Dolls at the market and dress them up in Ukrainian outfits, which they made by themselves.
I got this Ukrainian Barbie in Ternopil’s Art Gallery Store (western Ukraine).
Barbie Doll UkrainianThis tiny Ukrainian traditional costume is handcrafted. A white blouse and apron are cross-stitch embroidered in red and black, the basic colors of Ukrainian embroidery. The doll has a wreath with long multi-colored ribbons on her head, red necklace on her neck and red boots on her legs. This type of costume is typical for the Central and Eastern Ukraine, which are 2/3 of the Ukrainian territory, so I can say I got a Barbie in a basic Ukrainian outfit.
“Who made this little beauty?” I asked a seller. But, unfortunately, the seller did not know. Strange, I thought, to work in Art Gallery Store and to know nothing about the artists, which are giving their works for sale. But, anyway, I have my Barbie in handmade Ukrainian attire! Too bad, I am not little girl anymore to be happy twice more :)
Across the road of the Art Gallery Store on the Ternopil’s Art Market I got my second Ukrainian Barbie, this time from the artist with a name. Actually, it is a family of Ternopil’s artists. Natalia Borysiuk creates Ukrainian costumes for Barbie Dolls, her mother sells it among her embroidered shirts and blouses (Natalia’s mom does Ukrainian embroidery).
My Ukrainian Barbie from Natalia Borysiuk is magnificent! Have a look at her blouse, skirt, necklace and headdress!
Barbie Ukrainian OutfitThe headdress is typical for the costume of the Western Ukraine, so I have my West Ukrainian Barbie now :)
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