Lviv Brides

Lviv Ukraine Bride By Nazar KovalPhoto by: Nazar Koval

A husband and wife, who are my friends, were invited to a wedding, but wife was too busy to attend it (she had a very important business-trip), so her husband went to the wedding by himself. When his wife came back from her business-trip, she asked her husband, “So how was the wedding? What was the bride’s dress?”. “White”, he answered. I must say, he was not joking at all, he said it absolutely honestly. It was a typical man’s vision of the women’s “gadgets”. Of course, a woman’s curiosity meant “what was the dress?” the cut of the dress, the skirt's shape (classic or fishtail), the features of dress’s top and many other details that men usually don't pay attention to.
But! There are some men who know very well the differences between bridal dresses; even if all of the dresses are white :) These men should know the differences for sure, for showing these differences in the best light and settings, because these men actually make living knowing ALL about a wedding. I am speaking about wedding photographers.
I saw hundreds, maybe even thousands of wedding pictures (I love weddings very much because my hobby is a matchmaking) and I understand very well, that it is really a big art to find something special in each “white dressed” bride and to show this something special in the wedding pictures.
As I was looking at all these pictures, my eyes stopped at the Lviv brides. Lviv is a city with a unique cultural background; people of Lviv are crazy about the history of their city, including the history of Lviv’s fashion. Lviv brides are very picky in choosing their wedding dresses and outfits for the their grooms as well. Actually, there are three trends in Lviv’s wedding fashion now: classic (traditional white dress for the bride and black suit for the groom), ethnic (traditional Ukrainian costumes or modern outfits with ethnic elements) and retro (wedding attires in the style of the 1920-1930 era or even from the 19th century). Most of Lviv brides prefer white dresses though, but! Each white dress is sprinkled with something special, like details of a different color or unusual cut.
So, now it is the task of good photographers to enhance this beauty and to show in the wedding pictures, all of the uniqueness and gorgeousness of each white dress and the loveliness of each of the brides.
First one, a picture by Nazar Koval, you can see above. Seems to me, the photographer has found the best background for showing all of the grace and sensuality of the bride.
Another background, picked by Alexandr Donchak, is matched so well with a bride’s attire! Her dress and hairdo are made in 18-19 centuries style and she look soooo gorgeous on this museum-like background.
Lviv Ukraine Bride By Alexandr Donchak
Photo by: Alexandr Donchak

And finally, my favorite pictures of Lviv's bride are by Roman Myshkovets.
Lviv Ukraine Bride By Roman Myshkovets
Lviv Ukraine Entertaining Bride By Roman Myshkovets
Lviv Ukraine Bride Groom By Roman Myshkovets
Photos by: Roman Myshkovets

Wow, what a bride! First, she has a very elegant outfit, and second, as I can see on the pictures, she got an incredibly energetic personality (I never saw before a picture of the bride who is entertaining people!). Everything (posing of the newlyweds, catching bride’s emotions) is showing that Roman Myshkovets did a really good job!
Ukrainians have a saying, “Unpretty brides do not exist”. Which is true, all the brides are beautiful, but the best of them exist too. Like on the pictures of Lviv photographers…