Unique Daffodils Valley In Ukraine

Narcissi Valley Khust West Ukraine
Narcissi Valley Pretty Girl West Ukraine
Unique Narcissi Valley Western Ukraine

Narcissi Valley Carpathian Biosphere Reserve Ukraine
Photos by: Mykhailo Masliy

May is one of the best months to travel to the West Ukraine and Narcissi Valley (Daffodils Valley) is the one of the best May’s attractions there. Can you imagine a valley of 643 acres, full of white blossoming beauty of incredible pleasant scent, that can even make you dizzy a little bit? Yes, this is Narcissi Valley the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. It is located in the Khust district of Zakarpattya region (Western Ukraine).
Biologists and historians discovered, that wild narcissi (wild daffodils) of this valley are relict from Ice Age. Only few places in the world like this. West Ukrainian one is only Narcissi Valley (Daffodil Valley) in the Central Europe; other ones are located in Alps and Balkans.
For Ukrainian people the Narcissi Valley is so special because they love narcissi very much. Ukrainians grow tiny plants of narcissi by the houses, in parks and squares, but not everybody saw such a huge massive of these nice flowers at the same time! That’s why thousands of Ukrainians are coming to the Khust district every year, from May 1 till May 21 (season of narcissi blooming in Ukraine). So if you will have a chance to stay in Western Ukraine that time, visit a Narcissi Valley, this place is really worth to see!