Music At The First West Ukrainian Tourism Festival In Ternopil

As for me, a big lover of Ukrainian folklore, the First West Ukrainian Tourism Festival in Ternopil (May 16-17, 2009) was a gorgeous feast of Ukrainian music, embroidery and cuisine. The local restaurants treated people with delicacies; 82 artists from the Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattya regions represented their craft in embroidery, beading, pottery, woodcarving etc; folk musicians from all the districts of the Ternopil region made people to sing and to dance.
I took some videos of the folk bands from the different areas of Ternopil. Here is a video of the folk ensemble from the South of Ternopil: Dnistrove village. This is a very picturesque place on the Dnister River’s bank; so sincere, hospitable and joyful people live there. I have visited the Dnistove village once; now you can take a little music tour to the Ternopil South, which brought you by the folk ensemble of the Dnistrove village.

They are singing Ukrainian folk song "Nasha Annychka" ("Our Annychka"). Annychka it is a girl's or woman's name in the western Ukraine; especially this name is popular in Carpathian Mountains. And here is valtz performed by the Dnistrove people.

Ok, now we are going a little bit Norths, to the Yazlivets town of the Buchach disctrict (Ternopil region). The women’s vocal ensemble of Yazlivets is singing for you (on the video below).

Now we are heading to the North-East of the Ternopil region. Here is the folk band from the village of Vasylkivtsi (Husiatyn district).

And finally we are on the Ternopil North, in the village of Ploske (Kremenets district). Here is a video of the folk ensemble of the Ploske village. The name of the song the women are singing is “Mala Baba Kurku" ("The Lady Had A Hen"). There are so many songs about hens and roosters in Ukrainian folklore :)!