Kyiv The Ukrainian Capital Got The World’s Biggest Floral Clock!

Kyiv Ukraine Biggest Floral Clock In the WorldThe biggest floral clock in the world was installed downtown of Kyiv the Ukrainian capital August 23, 2009. The clock was made for the honor of 18th anniversary of the Ukrainian Independence, which was August 24, 2009.
The dial diameter of the Kyiv floral clock is 16.5 meters. The biggest dial diameter of the floral clocks in the world, known so far, has a floral clock in Tehran (Iran): 15.5 meters.
The total diameter of the Kyiv floral clock is 19.5 meters. Its minute hand is 7 meters and its hour hand is 4 meters. So, floral clock from Kyiv has a unique chance to get to the Guinness World Records as the world biggest.
The Kiev floral clock is a second floral clock in Ukraine. First one was made after 1994 in the Kovalivka village (Kyiv region).
Kyiv Ukraine World Biggest Floral Clock