Top 10 Reasons To Visit Ukrainian Carpathians

1. It is because Ukrainian Carpathians seems like only place where you can see hay bales done manually
Hay Bales Done Manually Carpathian Mountains West Ukrainewhich looks like museum pieces compare to the modern hay bales in Western Europe or Northern America, done by machine.
Hay Bales Done By Machine North America
2. It is because, where else you can see such an amazing metal stamping art everywhere, doesn’t matter, what is it, a Church
Church In Carpathian Mountains West Ukraine Metal Stamped or somebody’s house roof,
Metal Stamping House Roof Carpathian Mountains Western Ukraineor even root cellar.
Metal Stamping Root Cellar Carpathian Mountains Western Ukraine
3. It is because in Ukrainian Carpathians only you can find such a big concentration of the wood work and wood carving art: wooden Church,
Wooden Church Vorokhta Ivano Frankivsk Region Ukrainian Carpathianswooden house,
Typical Wooden House Carpathian Mountains Western Ukrainewooden ceiling of a house,
Wooden Ceiling Of House carpathian Mountains Western Ukraine wooden stairs of a house,
Wooden Stairs At House Carpathian Mountains West Ukrainewooden interior of a restaurant.

Wooden Interior Of Restaurant Ukrainian Carpathians
4. It is because of amazing beadwork done by local people. Look at this colorful beading of the women’s shirts
Beaded Shirts For Women Carpathian Mountains Western Ukraineor at these beaded belts!
Beaded Belts Carpathian Mountains UkraineOnly two areas in the world do the similar beaded craft: western Ukraine and Southern America.

5. It is because Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine are the Kingdom of Mushrooms! Picking, storing and cooking wild mushrooms in the Carpathian Mountains it is one of the businesses that local people do for living, so you can get a mushroom dish (mushroom soup, mushroom sauce or pickled mushrooms) everywhere in Ukrainian Carpathian: in restaurants, cafes, B&B places. For example, I have never tried such a delicious porcini in my life, like this porcini mushrooms sauce with potato pancakes I got it in the “Hutsulshchyna” restaurant (Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk region).
Potatoes Pancakes Porcini Mushrooms Sauce Restaurant Hutsulshchyna Ukrainian CarpathiansAs Carpathian Mountains are the Kingdom of Mushrooms, the porcini mushroom is a King of Mushrooms over there! Locals call porcini as a “white mushroom”: take a look at this beauty!
Porcini White Mushroom Carpathian Mountains West Ukraine
6. It is because of rapids and waterfalls! What a breathtaking views! This is the Kamianka waterfall
Kamianka Waterfall Carpathian Mountains Western Ukraineand the Shypit waterfall,
Waterfall Shypit Western Ukraineboth are located in Ukrainian Carpathians, as well as these rapids.
Rapids Carpathian Mountains Western Ukraine
Rapid Yaremche Carpathian Mountains Ivano Frankivsk region Ukraine
7. It is because of MOUNTAINS! Gorgeous sightseeing, isn’t?
Ukrainian Carpathians Sightseeing
Sightseeing Carpathian Mountains Western Ukraine
8. It is because of the music of Ukrainian Carpathians. Ukrainian mountain music is very unique; where else you can meet such a virtuoso musician as, for example, Roman Kumlyk from the Verkhovyna (Ivano-Frankivsk region)?

9. It is because of Hutsul dances! Traditional dances are very important part of the Carpathian Mountains culture and lifestyle. Click on this video from a Hutsul wedding: even young people modern days keep dancing like their ancestors use to dance few centuries ago! Isn’t unique?

10. It is because of Hutsul weddings! Wedding in Ukrainian Carpathians is very rich costumed (take a look at the bride and groom traditional wedding attires);
Hutsul Wedding Western Ukraineusually with live acoustic music, without amplifiers; require lots of unforgettable local customs and traditions; and finally, the most beautiful brides in the world are from Ukraine, aren’t they? :)
Hutsul Wedding West Ukraine
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Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine cover territory of Zakarpattya region and partially Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Chernivtsi region. Total area of the Ukrainian Carpathians is 24 000 square kilometers.

Hutsuls are ethno-cultural groups who for centuries inhabit the Carpathian Mountains, mainly in Ukraine.