Easter in Europe: Oh So Colorful!

Let me start from the Western Europe. Here is artwork “Pâques Provence” by Marie-Hellen from France. I like to call this cute art as “Enamored Easter Eggs”.
Pâques Provence Enamored Easter Eggs France
Then we go little bit south-east. Take a look below at these gorgeous beaded Easter Eggs handmade in Romania!
Beaded Easter Eggs Romania
After that, our virtual Easter travel goes few countries north, to Poland. Here are painted Easter Eggs, called Pisanki in Polish.
Painted Easter Eggs Pisanki Poland
Polish artists are very creative: have a look at these cross-stitched Easter Eggs made in Poland!
Cross Stitched Easter Eggs Poland
And finally, we are in Ukraine: to be more exact, in the western part of Ukraine, where is Ukrainian world famous painted Easter Eggs Pysanky came from. But today I would like to share with you another one very important symbol of Ukrainian Easter which is Paska. Paska is sweet Easter egg-raisin bread. Ukrainian bakers also like to decorate a top of Paska using sweet goodies like glaze, candies etc. Here is a picture of Paska baked in Ternopil city (West Ukraine).
Ukrainian Easter Bread Paska Decorations Ternopil
Happy and colorful Easter, everyone!