Ukrainian Easter 2010 Worldwide

City of Lviv which is the biggest city of Western Ukraine always has something unique for Easter celebration. In 2010 it was a giant Pysanka (Easter Egg called Pysanka in Ukrainian) downtown, on the Rynok Square (take a look below):
Giant Easter Egg Lviv Western Ukraine
This Ukrainian Easter Egg was made by local artists from willow rods and decorated with colorful ribbons and flowers. Willow rods are typical in Ukraine for making an Easter baskets. The willow Easter Egg-shaped sculpture in Lviv is of 16 lbs high.
Easter 2010 in Ternopil city was beautiful as always. On the picture below is my best friend Olya from Ternopil: she is getting ready for blessing her Easter basket in the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
Pretty Ukrainian Woman with Easter Basket
Now a virtual magic carpet is brinning you for many miles away from Ternopil and Olya to another Ukrainian Easter celebration: in Canada. Here I am, by the St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Edmonton, getting ready for blessing of my Easter food.
Ukrainian Woman with Easter Baskets Edmonton Canada
And here is a blessing of Easter food in the St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral (Edmonton).
Blessing Easter Baskets Ukrainian Church Edmonton Canada
Olya and I have a tradition to take some special picture for each Easter we celebrate. So, here are our special photos of Ukrainian Easter 2010. As you can see, Olya got two cute Bunny Rabbits with Easter Eggs and Paska (Paska is sweet Ukrainian Easter Bread)
Ukrainian Easter 2010 Ternopil West Ukraine
I did not get any Rabbits, although I am in Canada (to have Bunny Rabbit for Easter it is more Western than Eastern custom) but I took a picture of my beloved Murchyk cat playing with beaded Easter Eggs which I brought from Ternopil.
Kitty And Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!