Carpathian Impressions Through The Eyes Of A Beautiful Ukrainian Girl

Beautiful Ukrainian Woman On The Top Of The Palanok Castle West Ukraine
My Ukrainian friend Lilya (on the picture above) had an amazing weekend trip to the Carpathian Mountains on May 8-9. Liana loves to travel so much and she went to the very West of Ukraine this time: to Zakarpattia Oblast (region). Zakarpattia is located on the Ukrainian border with Hungary.
Well, Carpathian Mountains are beautiful each season of year, but a spring over there is always magic. Why is so magic? Take a look at these catchy colors of Ukrainian Carpathians and you can FEEL this magic, like Lilya did:
Catchy Colors Of Ukrainian Carpathians
Next stop in Lilya’s travel was one of the biggest tourist attractions of Zakarpattia region: the Narcissi Valley by the city of Khust. Narcissi Valley is a Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. This is a very picturesque valley with thousands wild narcissi (wild daffodils) blooming only certain time every year: approximately from May 1 till May 21. Only few places on the Earth like this: in Alps, Balkans and Carpathians Mountains. So enjoy the Ukrainian Narcissi Valley (Daffodil Valley) together with Lilya:
Unique Narcissi Valley Khust City Zakarpattya Region Western Ukraine
Being in Zakarpattia area and not to visit a Palanok castle it is something impossible, so Lilya could not resist taking a route to the city of Mukachevo where is the famous Palanok castle located. Why it is famous, Wikipedia can explain you better than I do. I can tell you only why this castle of 14th century is so popular among a modern Ukrainian generation: it is because of lots of different music and food festivals take place over there. The day Lilya arrived to the castle was not a festival day, but, anyway, my friend was impressed how beautiful Palanok it is:
Palanok Castle Mukachevo City Western Ukraine
Looking forward to your next trip, Lilya, and thanks for the sharing your impressions with me and with readers of the Travel West Ukraine!