Bold Statement Jewelry from Ukraine

After surfing online for the fashion trends of 2010, I have opened my jewelry box and have realized that I own the most fashionable jewelry this 2010 season: a bold statement necklaces and bracelets. Guess, where they made? In Ukraine, guys! Besides, I own most of this Ukrainian jewelry for years and they just happened to pop-up as a huge fashion trend of 2010. Can you imagine, how lucky I am?
A little bit of history. A tradition to make beaded necklaces is very common in Western Ukraine where I am originally from. Beadwork is especially popular in Carpathian Mountains area, but lots of artists make beaded jewelry in the cities of Lviv and Ternopil. Traditional Ukrainian beaded necklaces called gerdan or sylyanka and traditional pattern which used in Ukrainian beaded jewelry are mostly geometric. Take a look at these gerdans and sylyankas from Ukraine. They are making a bold statement already, by their shape. These ones (on the picture below) are made in the village of Kryvorivnya (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, Ukrainian Carpathians)
Gerdany Kryvorivnya from Ivano Frankivsk Region Ukrainian Carpathians
and these ones are from Ternopil city (they were represented at the Second West Ukrainian Tourism Festival in Ternopil on May 15-16, 2010):
Beaded Necklaces Gerdans Western Ukraine
As you can see, all of them made in traditional style, using geometric patterns, and they are actually looks like very ethnic, well, it is because they are ethnic :) Of course, you can combine them with your modern clothes: they can enhance practically each item of your wardrobe. I personally like geometric patterned Ukrainian gerdans combined with my jeans clothes: it gives me a little vintage hippie chic.
But my real passion in Ukrainian beaded jewelry is a combination of old beadwork traditions with modern elements, something like this floral beaded beauty, which is actually is a hit of 2010 fashion season: a bold statement necklace (on the picture below)
Bold Statement Beaded Necklace Ternopil Ukraine
Nope, this one is not mine, although I like it very much. This green necklace with amazing white beaded flowers was for sale at the Second West Ukrainian Tourism Festival in Ternopil on May 15-16, 2010.
Well, time to show you some bold statements from my jewelry box. This floral beaded beauty is my favorite one:
Floral Beaded Bold Statement Necklace Ukraine
I got this necklace you wouldn’t believe when: in 1998! This is a custom made necklace, created for me by Bobyk family, which are very talented artists from the city of Ternopil (western Ukraine). Who would expect, that this gorgeous vintage beaded thing is going to be a big fashion trend in 2010?! So, here is a picture from 2010. As you can see, my Ukrainian bold statement necklace is brining a great spark to a casual outfit:
Bold Statement Ukrainian Beaded Necklace Match With Casual Outfit
Next one is my bold statement bracelet, made in Ukraine by Victoria Chaplinska from Ternopil. Victoria does quite unusual beadwork: she combines regular tiny beads with different kinds of stones. In my case, I got a jade bracelet with a base crafted from regular beads:
Making a Bold Statement with Heavy Beaded Bracelet from Ternopil
Another one my bold statement piece of Ukrainian beaded jewelry that I love very much is the Turguoise Rose set: take a look how these two beaded roses can "convert" a regular casual blouse to a dressy one:
Bold Statement Jewelry Set Turquoise Rose Made in Ukraine
Ok, now let’s go now to another side of the globe: from Canada, where I am, to Ukraine, and meet another very fashionable girl :) She is my best friend Olya, she loves beaded jewelry too and she got lots of beaded bold statement items as well. On the pictures below she is wearing her embroidered outfits (embroidery is another big hit of this fashion season) to match her Ukrainian bold statement necklaces. Take a look at this one, with poppies
Bold Statement Beaded Necklace Made in Ukraine
or this one, with guelder rose or highbush cranberries (Ukrainian name of highbush cranberries is kalyna, it is a one of the biggest floral symbols in Ukraine):
Beautiful Ukrainian Woman in Bold Statement Beaded Necklace
Next picture, without any doubts, is one of my favorite photos of Olya: look, how many beautiful beaded things she got! Well, she told me, she has more of these; they just did not fit in her hand, all of them :)
Beautiful Ukrainian Blonde Bold Statement Beaded Necklaces Made in Ukraine