Ukrainian Witches

Well, today is October 20, 2010 and Halloween is just around the corner. Not in Ukraine through: my homecountry doesn’t have this tradition (I wrote about it already). But we do have witches: they are characters of many Ukrainian fairy tales, myths and jokes. One of these jokes is very popular in Ukraine now, “Every woman is an angel, but if someone cuts off her wings, she has no choice but to fly on a broom”. I doubt, if it is of Ukrainian origin, but this saying about an angel and a broom is very popular in Ukraine nowadays, especially among Ukrainian women :)
Also, I have found in my archives a picture of Ukrainian witches :) ! These handcrafted cuties were for sale at the annual Sorochyntsi Fair, Poltava oblast, Ukraine.
Cute Ukrainian Witches

Image credit: Mykhailo Masliy