How to say Thank you in Ukrainian

As my source Travel West Ukraine is about traveling to the West of Ukraine, I would like to help you with some basic Ukrainian words that people normally use for communication in western Ukraine. Yes, they speak specific West Ukrainian dialect (especially in a countryside) which is different from proper Ukrainian language. For example, my husband is Canadian and he is of West Ukrainian background, so, he knows the West Ukrainian dialect quite well. At the same time, he cannot understand many words of proper Ukrainian language (a dictionary one).
Well, actually, if you are traveling in the West of Ukraine, you can absolutely use your knowledge of proper Ukrainian in conversations: everyone in Ukrainian West will understand you perfectly. But if you want to be more close and friendly to the locals, using some specific language’s features will give you an additional bonus in communication with West Ukrainian folks.
So, here we go: greeting words which are normally use in the West of Ukraine.

Hello! or Hi! - Pryvit!

Important! Pryvit! in western Ukraine is good for greeting people which are born after 1940th. For people, born before the 1940th, especially if you are traveling in West Ukrainian countryside, you better use Dobryy ranok!, Dobryy den’! or Dobryy vechir! depends what time of day is it.

Good morning!Dobryy ranok! (Proper Ukrainian pronunciation is Dobrogo ranku!)

Good afternoon!Dobryy den’! (Proper pronunciation is Dobrogo dnya!)

Good evening!Dobryy vechir! (Proper pronunciation is Dobrogo vechora!)

Good night!Dobranich! (Proper pronunciation is Na dobranich!)

Good bye! or Bye!Buvaite zdorovi! is normally use as Good bye! in communication with older people; Pa-pa! is good as Good bye! for young folks. (Proper Ukrainian Good bye! is Do pobachennya!)

Thank you!Dyakuyu! (There are two proper Ukrainian versions of this greeting: actually, Dyakuyu! and Spasybi! Second one is more of Russian influence)

Thank you very much!Duzhe dyakuyu! (Proper versions are, actully, Duzhe dyakuyu! itself and Velyke spasybi!)

You are welcome!Proshu! (Proper words are Bud’ laska!)

By the way, Proshu or Bud’ laska also has another meaning in Ukrainian language, which is:

Please! - Proshu! (Proper words are Bud’ laska!)

Besides, the word Proshu is widely use on the West of Ukraine, if you did not hear or did not understand what is your companion said:

What did you say?Proshu?

If you will use the word Proshu! (Proshu?) in conversations in the city of Lviv, which is the heart of the West of Ukraine, local people will have a double respect for you and they will think about you as extremely polite and intelligent person.

And here is very interesting Ukrainian greeting, which is very unique (at least, I did not find similar kind of greeting in other languages). These words are Day Bozhe Shchastya! and they are literally mean Let God give you a happiness! or Bozhe pomagay! which are literally mean Help you God! This saying is a normal greeting you can use instead of Hello! to Ukrainian (Ukrainians) currently doing some kind of hard physical work, for example, farming or gardening; so if you would say Day Bozhe Shchastya! to somebody currently weeding a garden or milking a cow, locals will immediately feel enormous respect for you.
One more notice. Day Bozhe Shchastya! is more typical saying on the West of Ukraine and Bozhe pomagay! is use in a countryside of the Central and Eastern Ukraine.