Easter Sweets from All Over the World

Happy Easter everyone! Here are some Easter sweets for you - from all over the world.
And the first one (on the picture below) is an Easter Rabbit cake from the Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago (USA).
Next one, on the picture above, is an Easter Lamb cake from Swedish bakery - again, in Chicago.

Easter Lamb cake from Swedish Bakery Chicago

And here are Easter sweets, made in Canada: a chocolate Easter Basket from Bernard Callebaut's Chocolaterie in Calgary.

Easter Basket Sweets from Bernard Callebaut Chocolaterie Calgary

This chocolate basket I got for Easter and I really enjoyed the sweets. They were so delicious!
The Easter greeting card by my chocolate basket is not from Canada through - it is from my friend Olya. Olya sent me this card from Western Ukraine.
Next in my collection is, actually, Ukrainian Easter sweet eggs-raisin bread, call Paska - from the city of Ternopil, Western Ukraine:

Ukrainian Easter Bread Paska Decorations Ternopil

I wish all of you to have a very sweet Easter!