Feel-Good Ukrainian-Canadian Music

Whoa! What an energetic Ukrainian-Canadian band! Make me feel like traveling to Ukraine again or, at least, to go to some Ukrainian zabava (a party). Well, listen to this!

I hope you like the videos and the music. As for me, these songs and, the most important thing, a style of the band and their positive energy which guys share with everyone, became a source of my positive energy each time when I am listening to the band. I want to dance, I want to sing – that’s what feel-good music, like this one, is normally does to you.
The name of the band is “Тут і Там” (“Toot ee Tahm”) which means “Here and There” in English. The musicians are from Saskatoon and their names are: John Dickinson, Matt Gruza, Carissa Klopoushak, Mark Klopoushak and Steve Kodak.
“Тут і Там” is touring a lot in Canada, participating in Ukrainian festivals and events, such as Vegreville’s Pysanka Festival, Malanka in Jasper, Saskatoon’s Vesna Festival, Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin, Toronto Ukrainian Festival and many others. The videos I share today with you are from Toronto Ukrainian Festival (2011).