Lviv Roofs

Lviv roofs… One of many things I love so much about this magical medieval city. Only in an old good Europe you can see such kind of buildings and such kind of roofs. Enjoying a view of Lviv rooftops and taking pictures of them was in my list “to do” in our family trip to Ukraine in 2011.
Please take a look with us at this beautiful city! This is very downtown of Lviv:
View of Lviv from the City Tower, Ukraine

Lviv Roofs, Western Ukraine

Roofs of Lviv city, West Ukraine
Somebody painted a horse on a rooftop:
Somebody painted a horse on a roof, Lviv, Ukraine
All those pictures were taken from the Lviv City Tower (or Lviv Clock Tower) on the Rynok Square:
Lviv City Tower, West Ukraine
This building is a City Hall of Lviv. This is historical building; it was rebuilt few times since 1372. But it always was a City Hall.
So, to get to the entrance of the Tower, you have to go through few flours up, through the City Hall. You will find an entrance to the Tower very easily: there are arrows and signs that guide you to the destination. A ticket to get to the top of the Tower is 5 UAH, which is less than one dollar. After getting a ticket you have to walk up 65 meters, which are 408 wooden steps. But, as you can see from my pictures, it was worth to walk to the top, isn’t?