My Sunny Cups from Ukraine

I enjoy having my morning coffee in a cup like this:
Joy to have a morning coffee in an artistic cup
Wait, why “in a cup like this”? Actually, in this particular cup I like to have my coffee every morning:
Hand-made cup by Sophia Trach, Lviv, West Ukraine
Or in this, a sunny one: 
One of my favorite cups by Sophia Trach, Lviv, Ukraine
Or in this one, nice and blue:
Nice and blue cup, earthenware, Lviv, West Ukraine
All these hand-made pottery cups I brought from my trip to the West of Ukraine in 2011. I got them in Lviv, which is a very artistic city overall: no wondering that this city gave to the world such an amazing artist who made such a beautiful earthenware pieces. The name of the artist is Sophia Trach, and here are her initials, at a bottom of a cup (for those, who maybe doesn't know: Ukrainian S looks like English C and Ukrainian T looks like English M):
Artist's initials at a hand-painted cup, Lviv, Ukraine
The cups are hand-painted outside and inside:
Hand-painted cups from Lviv, Western Ukraine

Hand-painted pottery cups, artwork by Sophia Trach, Lviv, West Ukraine
 Here are close-ups:
Hand-painted pottery cup by Sophia Trach, Lviv, Ukraine

Hand-made pottery cup, Lviv, Western Ukraine
So, if you are the same pottery fan like I do and if you happen to be in Lviv, you can ask about these cups in local craft stores (don’t forget a name of the artist – Sophia Trach). Also, they are available at craft vendors at the city festivals - there are lots of different festivals and other celebrations in Lviv. For example, I bought my cups at the Rynok Square downtown of Lviv, during the Etnovyr festival. There were lots of craft pavilions with many other eye-catching things, like these hand-painted pottery bells:
Hand-painted pottery bells, Lviv, Ukraine 
But I wanted my sunny cups and I am glad I got them. It is a good investment not only into my cupboard – it is a perfect investment in my feel-good mornings.
I don’t even know if these cups are microwave safe, and I don’t even care about it. I just don’t have a microwave in my household – my family provides a healthy lifestyle.
And I don’t even know if my cups are dishwasher safe, because I don’t have a dishwasher - my kitchen is quite ancient, circa 1970th, and I don’t want to change it a lot, because I like it the way it is. But if I even had a dishwasher, these pieces of pottery art, I mean, my cups, I would wash with my hands anyway, I wouldn’t trust any machine to do it. They are made by hands and they are totally worth to be washed by hands.