Shoes Heaven on a Road to Ukraine

Flying to Ukraine through London and waiting for our connecting flight in Heathrow Airport, terminal 5, I just bumped into this beautiful shoes display of Kurt Geiger duty free shop:
Shoes Paradise, London, Heathrow Airport Shoes Heaven, London, Heathrow
“Oh my!” I thought, “THIS would be a shoe heaven for Olya, if she would be here”. And I started taking pictures of this shoes paradise – just for her. My best friend Olya is so crazy about shoes: sometimes I call her a Ukrainian Carrie Bradshaw.
Well, not only I had my camera clicking - seems like this amazing store’s set-up became a big tourist’s attraction of the Heathrow airport:
Kurt Geiger Store, London, Heathrow
And more shoes close-ups:
Kurt Geiger Shoe Store, London, Heathrow Airport
And more:
Shoes Heaven, London, Heathrow Airport
Great to have stuff like this – I mean, a shoes heaven – in your trip. Even if you are not buying anything (shoes in this store are quite pricey), you will have a nice memories from your travel. That’s what I was thinking, drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee – yes, a Starbucks place is just across the shoe store. This is another pleasant surprise, especially for North American travelers, which are flying through London.