Ukraine Through the Eyes of an American Girl – Video Reviews

I disagree with those who say that Ukraine is not a cooking destination. IT IS a cooking destination! I wrote already about our family trip to Ukraine in 2011 – where we ate and what we had. Yummy-yummy-yummy!
“It Was So Good - Count how many times I say that”… This is another feedback about Ukrainian food - from a popular YouTuber Dodger Leigh. She is young American girl and she lives in California – well, Californian people know what is it a good food (a gourmet food) and how it’s taste like.
So, Dodger has visited West of Ukraine the same year we did – 2011. Here is a video review about her Ukrainian culinary adventures:

Another Dodger’s video which I like very much is about her trip to Lviv. You can see gorgeous shots from the Clock Tower downtown of Lviv; brides and grooms walking everywhere – it was a traditional wedding day in the city; moving sculptures; street music festival; Lviv bazaar (a market); lot of street scenes and street views. I hope you will enjoy this video like I did: