Wood Carved Boxes of the World

My latest girly love is decorative boxes! To me more specific, wood carved ones. This love is started from the hand carved wooden jewelry box I brought from Ivano-Frankivsk area (Carpathian Mountains, Western Ukraine). Here it is:
Wooden Jewelry Box, Made in West Ukraine
Then I went to the Ten Thousand Villages craft fair and guess what I have discovered for myself over there: a fine wooden art from India. My favorite ones are wood carved Shesham boxes and now I am thinking about getting one of those:
Shesham Wooden Box Carving India
I just fell in love with beautiful leaves which are carved on a box. Floral patterns are very typical for wood carving from India. Ukrainian wooden boxes, as you can see from the picture of my Carpathian box, are geometric patterned. It is very typical for the wood carving for the wood carving in Ukrainian Carpathians.
Well, each nation in the world has its own styles in carving of decorative boxes. I started to dig a little bit about it (just I wanted to compare my Ukrainian box to other ones), and look, what I found! This is wood carved box from Ifugao (Philippines):
Wooden Jewelry Box, Ifugao Carving, Philippines
And this one is made in Celtic knotwork technique:
Wooden Box Carving Celtic Knotwork
I like the Celtic one a lot! As I told you above, the patterns from India are floral, and Ukrainian ones are geometrical, and here, on example of Celtic wooden box, we can see something like a combination of floral and geometrical arts.
Well, nice to have few decorative boxes on your bed table or your fireplace shelf. They are good not only for storing your jewelry or other personal belonging: they are perfect little things for making your house a home!