Christmas in Ukrainian Carpathians

Here are two videos of celebrating Christmas in Carpathian Mountains, which is on a West of Ukraine. To be more specific, these are videos of Christmas caroling in Ukrainian Carpathians. Oh, caroling traditions in Carpathians are so different from traditions in other areas of Ukraine! In Carpathian Mountains only men allowed to carol; in all other parts of western Ukraine both, men and women can be carolers. Tunes and lyrics of the carols in Ukrainian Carpathians are different from carols tunes and lyrics in other areas of Ukraine. Also, in Carpathians, when carolers finished their singing mission, they have a party in a last house they caroled, besides, there are dances going on after this party finished. That’s a difference too between a caroling in the Mountains area of West Ukraine and a caroling in a flat land area of western Ukraine, where, by the way, I am originally from (I live in Canada now). Yes, we are, Ukrainian flatlanders, have a different traditions of Christmas caroling than Carpathian Mountains highlanders. And thanks to YouTube user Valik62, he did an amazing job taking this nice documentary of Christmas caroling in Ukrainian Carpathians. The videos are with very good English subtitles, so you can understand what is going on.
Both videos – “A Hutsul Carol, part 1” and “A Hutsul Carol, part 2” – were taken in a Shepit, which is in the Kosiv district, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast’. This part of Ukrainian Carpathians is traditionally called a Hutsul country.
So, enjoy the videos and… Merry Christmas to you!