Ukrainian Glass Painting

I continue to introduce you to Ukrainian arts and crafts. One of my favorites is a glass painting. I love this art and I am glad to find some nice glass painted pieces for sale – in my travels to Ukraine or online.
For example, I bought these two Angels – an Easter one
Easter Angel Glass Painting by Yaroslav Adamovych, Lviv, Ukraine
and a Christmas one
Christmas Angel Glass Painting by Yaroslav Adamovych, Lviv, Ukraine
in one of my travels to western Ukraine. Here are both Angels on a wall:
Glass Painted Angels by Yaroslav Adamovych, Lviv, Ukraine
This artwork – an Angels - created by Yaroslav Adamovych. Yaroslav is a very known glass painter; he is from the city of Lviv, West Ukraine. Actually, his artworks you can find at the Vernisazh Souvenir Market in Lviv, or you can buy it in Ukrainian online store. As I can see, they still have “my” Chrismas Angel for sale :) And here is some info about the artist and how, actually, his glass painting art is being done.
I love Adamovych’s Angels! And I am actually thinking about getting some more of his pictures.
Next Ukrainian artist, which artworks I am in love with, is Elena Diadenko-Hunter. Actually, she is American-Ukrainian: Elena was born in Ukraine, but now she lives and creates her art in Chicago. Especially I like Elena’s floral glass paintings, like this one - with poppies:
Poppies Ukrainian Glass Painting Elena Diadenko
Diadenko-Hunter’s art you can buy on Etsy and here is Elena's personal website. Hope you enjoy the art!