Etnovyr International Folklore Festival in Lviv

Etnovyr is a name of the International Folklore Festival in Lviv, western Ukraine. This festival is annual – every year in August folk musicians and dancers from all over the world are coming to Lviv to participate in great concerts and street parades. 2011 was first year, when they had also food pavilions from different countries on the festival; and, as always during the Etnovyr festival, they had an amazing craft shopping.
Here are some videos of folklore performances from different countries at the Etnovyr 2011.

Lous de Bazats, France:

Arrola Dantza Taldea, Basque Country:

Halychyna Ensemble, Lviv, Ukraine:

Sacred Drums, Burundi:

The Castiglion Fiorentino Historical Group, Tuscany, Italy:

And finally, a street parade of all the participants of Etnovyr 2011 Festival in Lviv: