Bianco Rosso Pasteria: A Little Italy in Lviv

Italian cuisine is hugely popular worldwide; in Ukraine too. There are lots of pizza and pasta place in the part of Ukraine where I am originally from – the West of Ukraine. But my husband’s and mine very favorite place is Bianco Rosso Pasteria in the city of Lviv.
Our first attention to this restaurant was driven by his very original design which you can see directly from the street through a glass wall: white and red colors, but, most of all, unusual chairs! Take a look at the interior of the place:
Interior of Bianco Rosso Pasteria Lviv Ukraine
Such a classy design, isn’t? And now, the chairs! Lady’s one, in red:
Bianco Rosso Pasteria Lviv Ukraine
And a gentleman’s one, in white:
Bianco Rosso Pasteria Lviv west Ukraine
Here they are together, like a “couple”:
Her and His Chair at Bianco Rosso Pasteria Lviv Ukraine
The chairs are designed by Fabio Novembre – yes, they are famous Novembre’s “Him & Her Chairs”. It was fun to sit on them! Here I am, in Her chair:
Bianco Rosso Pasteria Lviv western Ukraine
And here is my husband Ron, is His chair:
His Chair at Bianco Rosso Pasteria Lviv Ukraine
Speaking of Bianco Rosso Pasteria’s cuisine, they are specializing on different kinds of pastas: macaroni, ravioli, lasagna, linguine, gnocchi, tagliatelle etc (Ron and I ordered four cheeses pasta and lasagna). And here is a pasta display at the entrance of the restaurant:
Pasta Display at Bianco Rosso Pasteria Lviv Ukraine
Also, there are amazing salads at Bianco Rosso Pasteria! I had delicious combination of arugula, mint, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and Parmesan:
Italian Salad at Bianco Rosso Pasteria Lviv Ukraine
Bianco Rosso Pasteria also has a good Italian wine, liqueur and desserts selection. Here is my tiramisu – yum!
Tiramisu at Bianco Rosso Pasteria Lviv Ukraine
On a top of all this deliciousness, we had an excellent service at Bianco Rosso Pasteria. A staff of the restaurant is extremely polite; besides Ukrainian and Russian, they speak English.
What else we liked about this place? They accept credit cards in Bianco Rosso Pasteria! This means a high class restaurant in Ukraine, if they accept credit cards.
Prices for meal, however, are very reasonable: cost of dinner is approximately $10-15 per person.
Also, the restaurant has wi-fi, so you can bring you laptop or iPad or cell phone and keep working during you breakfast or lunch or dinner if you are very busy person.
For Ron and me, however, Bianco Rosso Pasteria felt like totally romantic place, so if we happen to be in Lviv for Valentine’s Day, we are going to this restaurant for sure! And not only for Valentine’s Day – for any other romantic nights. By the way, we were thinking, this would be a beautiful place to propose! Too late for us – we are already married :)
Oh, and another great advantage of Bianco Rosso Pasteria is its location – the restaurant is a very downtown of Lviv, here is an address: 6-8 Svobody Ave, phone +38 (032) 235 54 44, open from 8.30 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.
Wishing you a wonderful time in Bianco Rosso Pasteria – a little Italy in Lviv!