Olya's Lviv

Beautiful Ukrainian Woman
This beautiful woman on a picture above, her name is Olya, is a best friend of mine, since 1989. We are friends for that many years! Can you imagine? We both have been through a lot of everything in life – happy stories, sad stories, adventures etc.
Olya and I both are journalists; only I am a freelancer now and Olya still keeps working for media.
We both, Olya and I are originally from Ukraine, but after marrying two amazing western guys we moved to North America. So now Olya lives in USA and I live in Canada. Our communication now requires chats and e-mails, but we are staying in touch, anyway.
So, Olya lives in USA, but she is homesick about Ukraine so much!! Every her visit to our home-country Olya tries to take as many pictures of Ukrainian beauty as possible; and she is really good in it! Take a look at Olya’s Ukraine and you will see it yourself.
Today I would like to show you more Olya’s Ukraine. There pictures above my best friend took in the city of Lviv. Lviv is one of Olya’s favorite cities in entire world; both of us, Olya and I, are graduated from Lviv University and we spent lots of time in this amazing city.
Lviv is very different from any Ukrainian city – it is because there are lots of European influences, mix of cultures, well preserved historical heritage and really truly Ukrainian spirit at the same time. “A little Paris”, “a capital of western Ukraine – here are two common expressions about Lviv.
Well, let’s take a look at my best friend Olya’s Lviv – the way she sees it in her photography.
First one is a Rynok Square – a very artistic and romantic place:
Rynok Square Downtown of Lviv, Ukraine
Next shot I like very much. It is taken in Lviv Opera’s neighborhood. What a fun combination – a horse-and-buggy, which symbolizes an old time, and McDonald’s, which is a very modern reality!
McDonalds and Horse and Buggy, Lviv, Ukraine
And finally here is a floral arrangement downtown of Lviv, which remind us about Euro 2012 Soccer Championship in June 2012. Lviv will host this Championship too, along with other Ukrainian and Polish cities.
Floral Arrangement to Euro 2012 Soccer Championship, Lviv, Ukraine