Beaded Easter Eggs from Ukraine

I am Ukrainian and I am very proud that Ukrainians gave to the world a Pysanka – a painted Easter Egg. There are lots of researches has been done about symbolism of Pysanka – yes, all those traditional geometrical patterns painted on Ukrainian Easter Eggs mean certain symbols and they are belong to very old times, I would say, ancient times.
Except geometrical patterns, Ukrainians also developed a floral art, painted on Pysankas. Many artists and crafters like to combine both, geometrical and floral patterns, in one.
I like a traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs art, but… My very favorite Easter Eggs art is something untypical and unusual, like, beaded,embroidered, appliquéd, knitted, crocheted Easter Eggs. Or, which is even better, a combination of two-three techniques. Also, I enjoy some unusual painting on an Easter Eggs, something like this.
Well, when you travel to Ukraine and you want to bring something very original, nicely made and, which is important too, solid in unbreakable in transportation, I would recommend beaded Easter Eggs. They are normally made out of egg shaped wooden base, beaded from outside – this kind of craft will last you for years and years; you don’t have to worry that it will crack or break like a real Pysanka, which is a painted egg.  
There lots of beaded Easter Eggs on craft markets and souvenir stores in western Ukraine, where I am originally from. That’s where I got mine. Yes, I have few very nice beaded Easter Eggs, made by artists from Ternopil and Lviv (cities of western Ukraine).
These two of geometrical patterns (on the picture below) crafted by Natalia Martiuk from Ternopil:
Beaded Easter Eggs Ukrainian
Next two, which I love sooo much, are beaded Baby Chickens Easter Eggs, made by Svitlana Polishchuk from Ternopil. Svitlana does an incredible beaded Eggs art – she makes all kinds of egg shaped and beaded animals, trees, whatever. So, here is her beaded Baby Chickens, a boy and a girl:
Baby Chicks Easter Eggs from western Ukraine
Here is another beaded baby chick from my collection – this Easter Egg made by Vira Pavlova from Lviv:
Baby Chick Easter Egg from western Ukraine
What I like about Vira’s work – she attaches a string to each her beaded egg, which is very handy to have, because in this case you can hang an egg somewhere in a house on an Easter time. Or even to put on your Christmas tree in Christmas time. I am not sure, however, if it’s proper from a traditional point of view – to decorate a Christmas tree with an Easter Eggs – but from practical point of view it’s sounds good! It is so multifunctional, and I love multifunctionality!
Now, after looking at these my pictures (one above and few below), you probably will think that I did take them at Christmas time :) Oh no! The pictures were taken in first week of April 2012, just few days before the Easter, in my Canadian city, where is snowing, snowing, snowing – sometimes till beginning of May. I was joking to my friends, that I am not sure how I have to greet them on April 8 – Happy Easter or Merry Christmas – it is because of the weather :)
Anyway, I decided to take photos of my beaded treasures on a showy background – again, it is something unusual and untypical what I like in life. So, here is a Kitty-Cat on a beaded Easter Egg, made by Vira Pavlova from Lviv:
Kitty-Cat Beaded Easter Egg, made in Ukraine
Next one is my favorite from all Vira’s creations – a multicolored beaded Easter Egg. The artists gave to her creation a great name, I think – a Universe:
Universe Beaded Easter Egg, made in Ukraine
Here is one more picture of beaded Eggs from Ukraine on a snowy Canadian background. Such an unusual combination - an Easter and a snow:
Beaded Easter Eggs from Lviv, West Ukraine
And finally, here are all my beaded Easter Eggs from Ukraine together:
Beaded Easter Eggs from western Ukraine
Happy Easter everyone!