Bev's and Len's Ukraine

In summer 2011 my husband’s brother Len and his wife Bev have visited Ukraine for the first time in their life. Bev and Len are Canadian Ukrainians, as well as my husband Ron and me.
It was nice heritage trip – discovering ancestry roots and meeting our families in West Ukraine.
Bev and Len are also very good photographers, so they took lots of pictures and videos that reflect how my Canadian relatives with Ukrainian ancestry saw a land of their grandparents and great-grandparents for the first time.
So, here we go – Bev’s and Len’s Ukraine for you, on the pictures below.
First one is actually my favorite one, from our whole trip (Ron and I went together with Bev and Len). This is pigeons feeding downtown of Ternopil, Theatre Square. Many travelers compare Ternopil with Rome, because of the pigeons on a central square. This is old tradition in Ternopil – people feeding pigeons on the Theatre Square for years and years:
Feeding Pigeons, Ternopil, Theatre Square, Western Ukraine
Next picture is taken in the Greek-Catholic Cathedral ofTernopil. Such a beautiful painting! Done by local artists in 1990th:
Greek-Catholic Cathedral, Ternopil, Western Ukraine
The musician of the next picture is very famous in Western Ukraine. His name is Roman Kumlyk, he is a folk musician and a song writer from Verkhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast’ in Ukrainian Carpathians. Roman also is an owner of private Museum of Music Instruments and Hutsuls Lifestyle in Verkhovyna. He is a guide of the Museum and he can play on each instrument in his collection. Roman was collecting all these musical instruments and other stuff in his Museum for years. On this picture the musician is entertaining visitors of the Museum, playing tsymbaly (dulcimer):
Roman Kumlyk The Musician Virtuoso from Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine
Next photo I like a lot! Just harvested young potatoes from Bev’s Ukrainian family garden. All organic!
Harvesting Potatoes, West Ukraine
Well, if it’s came to food, here is another food picture from my Canadian relatives. Len took it in the Old Mill Restaurant-Museum inTernopil. In the bread bowl is one of specialties of Ukrainian cuisine – a green borshch. This is a soup made from sorrel, stinging nettle and other greens from Ukrainian garden, like, green onion, parsley and dill. Served with hard boiled eggs. In cute wooden bowl there is a traditional Ukrainian salad from a raw cabbage – not coleslaw though. Just shredded cabbage, carrot, some green onion and parsley and all of it is sprinkled with extra virgin sunflower oil. Yum!
Green Borshch and Cabbage Salad in Old Mill Restaurant, Ternopil, Ukraine
On a picture below there is a fragment of the wooden B&B house in Ukrainian Carpathians where we all used to stay:
Bed and Breakfast in Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine
And finally, a pretty girl, dressed up in 19 century styled dress, is selling flowers on a street of Lviv. Lviv is an old city, with an amazing medieval charm and spirit of previous centuries. There are lots of things to enjoy in Lviv!
Pretty Girl Is Selling Flowers, Lviv, Western Ukraine