My Culinary Memories in Pictures: Western Ukraine

Mushroom Glade Salad Ukraine
This delicious Mushroom Glade salad (on the picture above) I ate in Ukraine (to be more specific – in western Ukraine, where I am originally from). Salad is made by my cousin’s wife. Yum-yum! Make me hungry every time I look at this picture :)
Rose Shaped Cherry Cake Ukraine
And this rose shaped cherry cake my husband Ron and I bought in a bakery section in one of the Ternopil's grocery stores (Ternopil is a city on Ukrainian West). Again – it was yummy!
Here is more about Ukrainian food and incredible Ukrainian hospitality - hope you have fun reading and watching!
P.S. I disagree with with those who says that Ukraine is not or not much a culinary destination. It definitely is - a yummy, delicious and very hospitable culinary destination!