Pysanka Museum in Kolomyia - World’s Biggest Collection of Ukrainian Easter Eggs!

It was one lucky year in my life – 2008 - when I have visited two world largest Easter Eggs. Both in one year!
Both two world’s largest Easter Eggs are Ukrainian – one in Vegreville, Canada, and one in Kolomyia, Ukraine. Both called Pysankas – Pysanka is a name of a painted Ukrainian Easter Egg. And, as I said, both are largest Easter Eggs in the world! Vegreville’s Pysanka is 9 meters high, and Kolomyia’s Pysanka is 14 meters high, take a look at the pictures:
Ukrainian Easter Egg Pysanka Museum, Kolomyya

Largest Ukrainian Easter Egg, Kolomyia, Ukraine
The difference between both largest Easter Eggs is: if Vergeville’s one is a monument to a Ukrainian Easter Egg, Kolomyia’s one is an entrance to the Pysanka Museum.
 I was in Pysanka Museum few times, but I never had a chance to tell you more about this amazing place.
The Pysanka Museum has over 10 000 exhibits, which are Easter Eggs from all over the world. Majority of exhibits, of course, is Ukrainian Easter Eggs from different areas of Ukraine and different countries of the world, wherever Ukrainians live. Here is more info about the Museum; I think it is time to take you to a little tour inside of this giant Ukrainian Easter Egg :) I mean, the Museum. Pysankas, Pysankas, Pysankas – everywhere! From different artists, of different colors and symbols, geometrical and floral patterns:
Pysanka Easter Egg Museum in Kolomya, Western Ukraine

Ukrainian Easter Eggs in Pysanka Museum, West Ukraine
Here are examples of traditional Ukrainian Eggs painting – these eggs are, actually, Pysankas:
Pysankas are Hand Painted Ukrainian Easter Eggs
As I said, there are LOTS of them in the Museum – Easter Eggs made in traditional Ukrainian style. Kolomyia’s Pysanka Museum has the world’s biggest collection of them. So, if you are admirer of traditional Ukrainian Pysankas, you will have lots to see in the Museum.
I personally spent lots of my time, wondering around over there, but I was looking for something different, untypical and unusual – that’s what I like the most in Easter Eggs art. And I found it in the Museum! Here are not traditional Ukrainian Pysankas at all – it’s just an art, simple, pure art, and I love it!
Girl and Boy Painted Ukrainian Easter Eggs
Aren’t they cute, these two faces of girl and boy (or girlfriend and boyfriend, I don’t know :) on an Easter Eggs? I have to admit that boy’s face looks exactly like a typical West Ukrainian man’s type of face (I grew up in western Ukraine, so I know it).
Next my favorite was a straw decorated Easter Egg. Again, it is a modern trend in an Easter Eggs making:
Straw Decorated Ukrainian Easter Egg
These two that I like so much are beaded ones: 
Beaded Easter Eggs Ukraine
Wow! And this one is very unusual, made in beaded-appliqué technique:
Beaded Applique Easter Egg from Pysanka Museum, Ukraine
Next one, with adorable baby-chick on it, combines two styles – embroidery and appliqué:
Applique Easter Egg in Pysanka Museum, West Ukraine
And next two… I don’t even know what they are made off, I mean, what a name of this art. But they are so beautiful!
Ukrainian Easter Eggs, Pysanka Museum, Kolomya
Except an Easter Eggs, the Pysanka Museum has much more to show you, some different exhibits of Ukrainian art, like embroidery, rugs, woodwork etc. Or like these two amazing corn dolls:
Corn Dolls in Pysanka Museum Western Ukraine

Also, the Museum regularly has exhibitions of known Ukrainian artists. And if you want to buy some nice pieces of Ukrainian arts and crafts, the Museum has a little craft store for you.
Location of the Pysanka Museum:
43 Chornovola St.
Ivano-Frankivsk oblast’
The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily except Monday.
The Pysanka Museum is one of must-see tourist attractions of the western Ukraine and Ukrainian Carpathians.