Street Views of L'viv are on Google Map – Yay!

Finally! You can take a street walk online in a beautiful city of L'viv – a main city of the western Ukraine! Just click on and type L’viv in a search window; then drag a little orange man at any street you like and… walk! You know how – I bet, you were doing Street View thing on Google Maps many times, in many different cities in the world, but never in Ukraine – because there were no street views in Ukraine before. Finally Google did it, and it’s great! I personally spent all night tonight, “wondering” on L'viv’s streets and thinking a lot about this my favorite city in entire world (I am originally from western Ukraine, not from L'viv though, but I have been to Lviv many times – actually, I spent my student’s years in L'viv).
Here are some screenshots for you of L'viv’s Street Views – just to give you an idea how this city looks like, if you haven’t been there before:
Lviv City Western Ukraine Street View in Google Map

Street View Lviv West Ukraine
As you can see, this is a nice old city with European charm. Very cultural, romantic, intelligent and intellectual city, I would say. So, please, enjoy Street View of L'viv on Google Maps or Google Earth now! It’s working also for cell phones.
Four more Ukrainian cities - Kyiv, Donetsk, Odessa and Kharkiv – got their Street View on Google Map and Google Earth as well.