The Guy Who Plays Square Shaped Violin, Dulcimer Covered with a Towel and Much More

Roman Kumlyk The Musician Virtuoso from Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine
Every time my husband and I are traveling in Ukrainian Carpathians, we just love to visit the Museum of Musical Instruments and Hutsuls Lifestyle in Verkhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast’. We always so glad to meet Roman Kumlyk (on the picture above) – he is owner and founder of the museum, a brilliant musician and songwriter and, I would say, he is a live encyclopedia of Hutsuls life. Roman is also a tour guide in his own museum – except telling stories about musical instruments in his collection, he plays on EACH instrument in the museum. It is so much fun to listen to Roman’s playing! Every time it is something new and excited. These videos were taken in our trip to western Ukraine in 2011. We were amazed of Roman playing tsymbaly (dulcimer). Here is a first video:
That’s not all what Roman can do with his dulcimer. For next musical demonstration, the musician covered the dulcimer with a towel and played this way. We never saw anything like this before. How does he know where the keys are?!
Next video is – Roman Kumlyk is playing sopilka and tsymbaly at the same time. Quite an art!
Violin is one of the favorite instruments of Roman. He got a nice collection of different violins in his museum. For example, a square shaped one. The musician played some country-like tune for us on this square violin:
And finally, take a look at this tiny violin in Roman’s hands (next video). He told us a story that such little violins were made in Carpathian Mountains for kids to learn how to play a violin. When a kid was good enough in playing this small instrument, then teacher could give him a normal violin to play. I have to say, in old time in Carpathian Mountains there were no professional teachers of music, especially in such rural cities and towns like Verkhovyna and smaller. Local people were learning from each other how to play musical instruments. So, here are few tunes of mountain music from Ukraine, performed by Roman Kumlyk on this tiny violin:
Our recommendation for those who traveling in Ukrainian Carpathians – visit Kumlyk’s museum! You will have a great time, like we did!